Helium help : Comprehensive list of report parameters
Crown painting and Pavilion painting

Applicable to brilliant

Painting parameter defines deviation of halves' facet azimuths from ideal. For each lower and upper facet software calculates difference between azimuth of this facet and azimuth of the nearest main facet. The ideal brilliant will always have this difference equal to 11.25 degrees. Real stone may have some deviations. So, deviation of this difference from ideal 11.25 degrees is the (signed) value of the "painting, degrees" parameter.

"painting, notches" is defined as following:

painting, notches = abs(painting,degrees)/3.75 <degrees>

It is the same deviation but unsigned and dimensionless.

Such deviations from ideal lead to changes in the girdle shape. They may make girdle thinner or thicker.

Besides numerical values we introduce text descriptions for these deviations. The "painting, text" parameter may be one of the following depending on the "painting,notches" (average) value:

(0.0 - 0.1) Negligible
(0.1 - 0.3) Very small
(0.3 - 0.8) Small
(0.8 - 1.2) Moderate
(1.2 - 1.8) Large
(1.8 - 2.2) Very large
(2.2 - oo) Maximum

And there is one more text description of the whole girdle for crown and pavilion sides: "Crown type" and "Pavilion type". It may be one of the following: "Painting" or "Digging" or empty. If painting parameter is rated as "Absent", the "type" is empty. Otherwise the "painting,degrees" (average) parameter is considered. If it is less than 0, the type is "Painting", otherwise it is "Digging".

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