Helium help : Comprehensive list of report parameters
MIC & Girdle to MIC

MIC applicable to:

  • Any cut

Girdle to MIC applicable to:

  • Brilliant

Figure 1. Pavilion and crown views of the diamond with indication of the maximum circle that may be inscribed (MIC) in the girdle outline along with the section of the model in the circle's plane.
There is the calculation of the parameter Girdle to MIC below.

Girdle to MIC

Parameter Girdle to MIC is a value of difference between minimal diameter and diameter of Maximum Inscribed Circle in girdle circle.

There is Girdle to MIC parameter in the Illustrated report for Polished Brilliant in the right side of the page. Girdle to MIC also is shown in the string Measurements after values of diameters and symbol "/" (for the reports for polished brilliant only).

MIC (Maximum Inscribe Circle) is indicated in the plots:

Girdle thickness plot. The value MIC shows the position of Maximum Inscribe Circle in the girdle area.

Diameter variation plot. The value MIC means the diameter of Maximum Inscribe Circle.

Radius variation plot. The value MIC means the radius of Maximum Inscribe Circle. The red line in this plot shows the deviation radius of diamond from MIC.

See the sample of plots at the page Full report for Polished Brilliant.

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