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Crown height

Applicable to any cuts

The crown height is measured using main crown facets. It is measured for each main facet and then the average, minimum, maximum and deviation values are calculated. The software finds the highest vertex of the whole model (it is one of the vertices of the table) and the lowest vertex of each main facet.

Crown heights

Crown height 1. If the main facet reaches the girdle in its lowest vertex, the height between the found vertices is considered to be the height of the crown for the given main facet, as shown on the figure below.

Crown height 1

Crown height 2. If the main facet does not meet the girdle, the corresponding vertex is substituted by the edge of the girdle measured at the azimuth of the lowest vertex of the main facet, as shown on the figure below.

Crown height 2

If there are extra facets on the girdle, a virtual model without these facets is created and used for the measurement. To build the virtual model, the extra facets are removed and the neighboring facets are continued until they intersect.

Crown heights: ideal model

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