What is M-Box and who benefits

What is M-Box?

5 Axis Microscopic Inclusion mapping system for Helium Rough

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Features and Specifications (PDF)

Helium Rough HIG, Helium Rough, Oxygen Microscope Server, Oxygen Inclusion, Pacor Client, Oxygen D-Z
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M-Box IG Documentation Wiki - Release Notes


  • Special algorithms for Auto cloud, Auto surface cavities, Blind spot, Pin Point inclusion, 3D inclusion, Flat cracks and Curved cracks.
  • Auto scan of specific area.
  • Topographical display of UNSCANNED AREA.
  • 5 Axes control for multi axes maneuvering. Inclusions can be picked and placed from any window located at any place (except the place where the stone is glued).
  • Different lighting options for transparent and opaque inclusions. Special transmitting Light source included (For Immersion Glass Plotting).
  • User friendly GUI and ergonomically designed control board. Inclusion from VVS to I3 can be mapped. Magnification up to 160x / 184x optical
  • Even pin-hole cavities can be scanned and automatically mapped. Automatic focusing on surface.
  • LAN configurable.
  • Can be networked with Helium Rough and other Oxygen / Pacor terminals.
  • Quick inclusion placement and very quick payback time.
  • On screen zoom of 1180X.
  • Resolution of 0.0006mm/pixel.
  • Higher camera resolution.
  • Low luminescence camera improving visibility of very fine inclusion.
  • Better visibility allowing for auto focus and auto inclusion plotting.
  • Auto Exposure Auto Focus on Inclusion.
  • Quick Zooming & Focusing.
  • Auto Inclusion Search.
  • Edges of any watery crack can be easily seen in M-BOX.
  • Special Effects for seeing hard to find inclusion.
  • You can see inclusion any direction.


M-BOX M205 Digital M-BOX Z16 Digital
Magnification 7.8x to 160X 14.2x to 184X
Rough 0.10 Cts to 1000 Cts
Inclusion Size VVS1 to I3
Diamond Holding Helium Stage (gluing) & between Pins for Polished Diamond
Inclusion type All (Including Cloud, Pin Point, Surface Cracks, 3D etc.) & Auto Cloud Plotting
Cavity scanning Auto - including deep pin-hole cavities
Warranty 24 months (12months free service)
Computer requirements View PDF
CMOS Camera 2/3" CCD - 1360 X 1024 resolution
Resolution 0.0006 mm 0.0005 mm
Zoom & Focus Motorized auto assistance
Auto Plotting Under Immersion Glass Technology (Optional)